I saw [livejournal.com profile] syredronning's icon that just said "...threes divine!" in regards to the BAMF trio and that made me think about other Divine trio. Well what if the BAMF trio was actually the holy trinity.

Thank about it:


Kirk is the Golden Boy that can do no wrong. He has God and everyone else eating out of the palm of his hand.


Spock always has the answer. His wit is very dry and only a few people get it.

McCoy=The Holy Spirit

This is probably the hardest one for anyone to see, because The Holy Spirit takes the back seat a lot of the time and works in the background. It is typically depicted as a Dove and is sometimes referred to as the Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit is often overlooked for it's importance. It is the great comforter, councilor, and will give strength to whom needs it. If that does not describe McCoy then I do not know what does.

They are the masterminds behind everything and work seamlessly together.

Think about it! This idea makes a scary amount of sense.

What are your thoughts on the epic parallels of the BAMF trios?
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