Come and watch how we first learned of our epic ship in Journey to Babel

This will be at 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

This is meant to be a celebration for all of our hard work on the past events. We will be having a live chat using Chazy where we can communicate with each in other real time while watching the video together.

Since Youtube and CBS have removed the videos, the episode can still be watched over here! :)

I will be sending out a reminder about an hour before the event.

This is going to be a lot of fun!

If anyone has any questions, please do to hesitate to ask!

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I think they actually try to make things difficult. ...

Oh nones...the message said not availe in this region (go figure). I have found Journey to Babel on youtube and am downloading it. ( ) I think it is the full thing, I can only find part two of the one in sections.
Here's hoping the connection holds for the down load!

The countdown clock is confusing me! (I'm easily confused though!) It is at 9.00pm Saturday US eastern standard time?

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Re: I think they actually try to make things difficult. ...

Darn about the youtube! I thought the same thing when I was looking for it. So I found that stream in hopes that everyone could use it. Give me a few minutes and I will IM you a copy.

As for the time, yes it is @ 900pm eastern standard time. The count down clock was suppose to make it all easier because I do not think so much in timezones but in hours. So when you look @ the countdown it tells you that you simply have a little over 17 and a half hours to go. :)
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I've posted this up on the main comm, but I can't get any countdown clock I try to work, do you think you could send a PM with the code you're using?